Starting a new journey despite being scared to do so..

“I am learning to say yes, to be daring and spontaneous, to hurl myself into people and places and moments without hesitation or second-guessing myself—to challenge my anxieties, to confront my fears, and trust unwaveringly in chance and fate to lead me to where I am supposed to be.”

These words are so deep to me. I remember wanting to start my journey of sharing words that could inspire others. I remember being around so much negative energy. I remember not having anybody to turn just give me a boost of motivation.

I wanted to change the energy around me and I wanted to be a boost of positive energy for other people who may have or currently felt how I did.

I didn’t know how I could create light to be displayed so people could come and absorb what I wanted to put out.

I’m an over thinker, I have anxiety, I’m an introvert, I have fears...but I started, I started my journey here and looking back from where I started I am so grateful I started. I never even knew it was so many other people in this world that had so much in common as me & so many people wanted to spread light and inspiration to the world as well.

Do you have similar personality traits as me?! &
Are you glad that you starting a new journey ?

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