“You are free to be who you were created to be.”

Did you know that…..

“You are free to be who you were created to be.” 

“While the world will do it’s best to define you, telling you who to be, how to act, and what to think—remember:
every fiber of your being was designed with purpose.

The way you think, communicate ideas, and express yourself— it is a unique and electric combination that no one else has. ❤️

Too often, we misconstrue the evolution of life. We buy into the idea that we must “become” someone to be great.
But, greatness is already in us. It’s at the core of who we are. 🤩

The challenge is to not strive to become something else but to instead uncover the greatness already within us by stripping off labels and removing the pressure to blend in so that we show up in the world as the purest version of ourselves—completely untainted.”

What do you think about this message?!

Before you leave tell me what is your favorite wine?! I need to add something new to my collection.
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📸 Photo Credit: Husbae 🥰

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