5 Things to do at the start of a new month to get your life together

Happy New Month Queens! Can we take a moment of silence and just reflect on all that is going on in this world; challenges, memories, and lessons. I pray that we all can continually gain strength and wrap ourselves with positivity.

As much as we all may wish to start this new month off with an announcement that the pandemic has come to an end & everybody can go back to normalcy would be awesome! But honestly we know it’s not going to be that easy. However I see so many of you that has used this time to truly step out on faith and are crushing your goals. Hats off to you if you are one of them.

I will admit that August was not my month. I had some challenges and some wins. (My birthday Might be the reason I got off track lol!) Anyway...truth is I didn’t stay consistent with my monthly plan(my own fault). I fell off track and that’s ok, (it happens) but that doesn’t mean I will give up, bad days are part of the journey.  Everyday,  Every Week, and Every Month I can start fresh.

It’s a new month, now is the time to take charge, time is going by so fast. We struggle to get around chaos forgetting about our goals. I know it’s not easy but I want you to know that you can not give up on your goals despite your circumstances. 

“Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.”  -unknown

You will be faced with obstacles and challenges on your journey but take one step at a time.

For me, I started doing certain things at the beginning of every month. These things are like monthly routines for me now. They prepare me & tune the inner me into a psychological phase of accepting responsibilities.

Now, for today’s topic on things to do at the start of a new month: 


1. Reflect on the previous month

At the beginning of a new month, its essential to look back and reflect on what the past month was like, I ask myself “Was I fulfilled?” Think about the situation(s) that pushed me away from meeting my goals. Recognize that and make a change to implement new things that will work. 


2. Set one goal for the month

 I use 3 steps to identify my one goal, formulate it and keep it in sight. If you’re the type of person like me who try to set several goals, but end up getting frustrated 2 months later because you are not closer to any of them. Then follow these steps that has work for me to tackle one goal at a time.
 It’s ok to have several goals but it’s not ok to not reach any of them because you fail to plan. 

  1. Identify your one goal 
  2. Add an actionable plan for each week on how you will reach this goal by month end.
  3. Keep your goal in sight.

My Example:

  1. Create a digital download to offer to my clients.
  2. Week 1: Write out my layout on paper Week 2: Complete the final draft Week 3: Create it in Canva. Week 4: Upload it to my site and make an announcement to my clients.
  3. Hang up my goal so I can see it everyday for a reminder. 

3. Map out your plans and write down your notes

Planning is an essential principle for achievement. This is my destiny and it is in my hands and until I do something about making things happen my goals will forever remain dormant. Now this is how I do it.
I plan my work which involves making notes on what I intend on achieving for the month and also outlining the best ways to achieve the goal. 

4. Ask yourself important questions

 Where am I currently in regards to me reaching my goal?

What do I need to do to get to my end goal?

What do I want to achieve?

How many people can I help?

Where do I want to be at the end of the month?

5. Start journaling  

I have been journaling pretty much my whole life. I love to write. Writing is a sense of comfort for me. Journaling has help me get out of my head and clear my mind. I created a private space to write out my ideas, vent, release my thoughts, address my fears, write letters to my inner self, and so much more. 

That’s it! I hope you will be able to incorporate these things in starting the new month and stop making excuses.
If you fail to plan you are planning to fail. -Benjamin Franklin 

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  • Great tips! I definitely need to start reflecting on the past month and planning better for the next. Can’t wait to start incorporating these and succeed! Can’t wait for more :)


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