15 things to start doing for yourself

What are some things that you want to start doing for yourself? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do or try, but you’ve been putting off for a while?
Don’t feel bad it’s something most of us fall short of doing.
I created a list of 15 simple things to start doing for yourself. Let’s grow together 🌱

1. Make yourself a priority

Stop forgetting about yourself when it comes to taking care of the needs of others. Taking care of yourself is not selfish it’s necessary. 
2. Learn to face your problems and try not to avoid them

Whew! This one here is so important. The only way the problem is going to go away you have to face it head on. Don’t avoid it, face it and if you need to reach out to a mentor or a love one to help you with the problem do that. But do not start a bad habit trying to avoid the problem. Because Guess what! When you’re alone with your own thoughts that problem is still there. 
3. Start saying “no”

I preach this often. The importance of saying no! Nobody should allow themselves to feel guilty about saying no. Don’t lie, don’t make excuses, don’t over explain yourself. Just simply decline. 
4. Work on small goals everyday

Small goals leads to bigger goals which lead to bigger accomplishments! 
5. Take a mental break more often

Take mental breaks as often as possible. Think positive. Make peace with it and release it. 
6. Start making time to do the things you love

Write down the things you love doing
7. Celebrate your victories

Each and ever one! 
8. Spend more time in the present
Stop looking in the rear view mirror. You are not going that way. 
9. End toxic relationships

Protect your peace at all cost. Period! 
10. Start that thing you cant stop thinking about and become fearless

You are in control of your destiny. So what if you fail, get back up and learn from each mistakes and failure. You now know what you don’t need to be doing. 
11. Learn to be happy for others

Seeing another individual win is only inspiration for you to know you can win too. Be happy for people when it’s their winning season don’t be a hater. 
12. Start forgiving and move on

When you don’t forgive you are still holding on to that problem. Let it go so you can move on and live your life. 
13. Be supportive to your family& friends

Everybody need somebody. If you’re close with family and friends be supportive. Call & visit them often. 
14. Recognize the beauty in daily moments

If you smiled only one time today recognize the beauty in what it was that made you smile and feel happy in that moment. 
15. Start giving more love to yourself so you can love others the right way

If you don’t love yourself it is so hard to love other people. This blog will teach you more about how to love yourself so you can love others the right way. 

Which ones will you be implementing for yourself? Comment below. 

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