1 Hour Activities to do during unexpected free time

Hello Friends!! 

Have you ever wanted to do more during unexpected free time?! Keep reading…


You just received news that lunch plans were canceled or that work meeting was rescheduled. Or you just find yourself trying to figure out what to do on your break. 
How about scheduling that time for yourself in the following ways! 

If you’re like me and have a really busy life(momlife, work, and the list goes on), then unexpected free time can feel like a dream come true. On the other hand, sometimes these unexpected moments of time can be good and bad because let’s admit we can make ourselves feel guilty if we don’t use the time well. Either way good or bad I think these ideas can help you with being intentional during your free time. 


Sometimes free time doesn’t always have to  be to get tasks done. Sometimes we should use it to get ourselves back together. 
Take your free time and go sit in your car or sit somewhere where you can find a sense of relief. Even if you only stare in space to get your mental together, nothing is wrong with that. I highly recommend this. I do it all the time. 

Catch Up & Reach Out 

Are you anything like me?! You forget to text someone back, forget to check dms, forget to return calls etc? Take this time to respond back to text and return phone calls. And if that isn’t your case reach out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while and/or check in on family.


Catch up on blog posts you saved for later. Read or listen to audible books. 
Write in your “Her Inner Growth Journey” Journal created by me. If you have already purchased or if you would like to purchase one click here https://linktr.ee/GreatnessisHer 

My journal will get you ready and pumped up to go after your goals. I have questions you can answer to get your mind off of other unnecessary stuff as well as a bucket list where you can plan your next adventure.


Create/Work on your side hustle

Jot down your ideas as they come to you. Or if you’ve been working on something and can work on it where you are, do that. 
Something I enjoy doing is creating relatable posts to share with my IG friends.  I write down a list of everything I need to do to complete a post and once I get home I can put in action without having to use too much brain power to complete it. 
Im a firm believer of not overextended myself. 

Do some research 

Do you have a list of ideas, events, or trips you want to take?! Or do you have your eye on a product(s) you want to purchase. 
Take this time to do some research and learn more about it. 
You can research…How much it cost?, What’s the reviews rating?, Is it worth getting it now vs later?, and so on. 

Run Errands

If you can run a few errands to eliminate stopping after work or later in the day I recommend it. Clocking out and being able to head straight home is an indescribable feeling. 

Invest in yourself and Create other streams of income

I encourage you to not give up on who you’re becoming and who you’re capable of becoming. Don’t lose yourself in these 9 to 5s and not work on what you are so passionate about. Let that 9to5 fund your next move or your side hustle. You can talk about what you want to do but the key is to just start and once you create a clear plan of what you want to do. START!!

When I shut everything out of my life that didn’t serve a purpose in my life I was able to focus and just start sharing and serving my community in which I was building. Feedback and constructive criticism has helped me on my current journey. Each day it gets better.  Let me know in the comments if you want me to start offering a review of what you would like to create and some feedback on what I think is best for you and your personality. 

Other streams of income 

If you need to revisit your finances and learn how to eliminate debt. Do it! Watch YouTube videos on why it’s important to have multiple streams of income. Everybody need more than 1 stream of income in this new time. 

And that’s all for today! I hope you’re staying happy, safe, and empowered. Let’s keep in touch. Sign up for my newsletter below by entering your name and email address. 

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